Leadership Team

Dr. Ji-Xin Cheng, Founder

Dr Ji-Xin Cheng

Moustakas Professor of Photonics and Electronics at Boston University. Dr. Cheng and his team has been constantly at the most forefront of chemical imaging and phototherapy in innovation, discovery, and clinical translation. Cheng is authored in over 290 peer-reviewed articles with an h-index of 85 (Google Scholar). His research has been supported by over 30 million ($) fund from federal agencies including NIH, NSF, and DoD. Cheng is a Fellow of Optical Society of America and a Fellow of American Institute of Medicine and Biological Engineering.

Dr. Michael Mansour, Scientific Advisor

Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Medicine. Dr. Mansour has expertise in the area of host immunity and infectious diseases. He is clinically active, caring for patients with complex wounds including those with diabetes and chronic infections. In addition, Dr. Mansour maintains a laboratory with a focus on host-pathogen immunity as well as novel therapeutic approaches to multi-drug resistant pathogens including human pathogenic yeasts such as Candida auris. Mansour has authored over 75 articles with an h-index of 32.

Dr. Leon F. Hebert Jr., Founder and President

Former Head of Business Development, SmartPharm Therapeutics, 13 years business development experience, 22 years practicing patent attorney.

Dr. Steven J. Qian, Founder and Treasurer

Previous senior manager in multiple world class financial institutions, more than 20 years in venture capital/private equity investment and portfolio management.